It’s probably a cultural thing…

Don’t really care for ego-maniac Bob Carr. But Peter Costello is right about spending priorities between China/HK vs Australia.

At this rate, the track records of successive Governments suggests that Sydney’s second airport will be a massive cock-up.


I hope that isn’t the case, but why should I be surprised? Australia hasn’t had much forward-thinking for almost 50 years.


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Is it me or does anybody care that much?

NRL stars defecting to rugby union.

Obvious examples: Benji Mar$hall, $onny Bill Williams and $am Burge$$.

Am I the only person who doesn’t give a crap whether they change codes? To be honest, if they don’t belong to the club I support, it wouldn’t matter to me.

And even then, I might be more who they are going to replace these players with… Though you wouldn’t want to lose a “franchise” type player such as Daly Cherry-Evans.


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Five facts about me

This sounds totally stupid, but I am staying home on a Saturday night… On my day off work!!

It feels weird not going out. However, I feel crook as shit at the moment. Burning and dryness in my sinuses. So I’ve decided to procrastinate and think about what to do in 2014 and give five facts about me.

So here are five facts about me:

1. I joined the school choir in Grade 6 to impress a girl– Yes! You’ve read that right. I was 11 at the time and I sat next to a cute girl at the time. So me being me, I decided, “Hey, maybe the girl will be impressed if I joined the choir.”

Naturally that didn’t work. She thought I was a bit of a pansy doing this and I was stuck in the choir for over a year.

2. I find it difficult to follow the English Premier League– I am going to get a bit of hate for this, but I just can’t bring myself to support a team in the EPL. The only time I follow the EPL is when I want to read all the fantasy stories from The Daily Mail or when there’s no other sports on and I am totally bored (in this case: No Ajax games, no Barca Games, no Ottawa Senators games or New England Patriots games during the season). Call me a snob, but the EPL just didn’t appeal to me that much. Plus I find it more interesting finding out about emerging players than hearing larger clubs buying off these players at will with boatloads of money.

3. I couldn’t make art and craft for shit– I recall in Grade 3 when one of the mothers came as a craft teacher, teaching us how to make a stuffed giraffe. The easiest analogy I can put it is to imagine me as Ralph from the Simpsons and the craft teacher doing facepalms because I had no concept in directions.

4. By the time I finished high school, I was almost obese– That was according the BMI at the time. But then again, that shouldn’t be a surprise if you loaded up in high calcium milk powder and Hungry Jacks over a period of 3 years. While most people usually gain weight after high school, I did the reverse. From time to time, I still get questions from family and family friends whether I lost weight, even though my weight hasn’t fluctuated in 9 years.

5. The closest thing I’ve been to fame was trialling for Season 2 of Nerds FC– Can’t believe it?

Well, I couldn’t blame you. I’m not even smart enough to be a nerd. But I decided to apply anyway. It didn’t help that I actually had good foot coordination (even though I didn’t embrace football at the time, like the popular guys in high school). Though I must admit, looking at the trials, I found it funny how some of the successful Nerds shamelessly hammed it up to the producers at the time.

So there you have it. All of these facts are true. It’s not often I say something honest about myself on-line, since I usually use the Internet for shits and giggles.

Who knows, I might even give you more facts in case you’re interested.

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One year goes by, the same old shit every year…

This year goes too fast. Every year the same rubbish “Best this”, “Best that” for X-year and “Do we needz a fireworkz (sic)” debate every bloody year.

Also, where did the bloody year go? I haven’t accomplished anything yet!

That’s where New Year’s Resolutions come in.

But that’s where all the retailers and companies cash in, like weight loss programs, smoking cessation and the detox shit.

Hey, a fool and his money soon parted.

Anyway, won’t be doing anything in NYE in Sydney. I went to the north side of the bridge for 2 straight years to watch fireworks. Too long and made me irritable. I want to go elsewhere internationally next time. HK, Amsterdam, NY, anywhere!

Have a safe one regardless.

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Oh yeah, and then there’s this…